Saturday, 7 June 2014

Cookie Monster Invitation / Card Tutorial

{Here is a tutorial I prepared 3 years ago and for some reason didn't post!!! Typical me :) }
I love making Invitations it's a wonderful part of preparing for a special event. Everyone's different but for me planning, preparing for and anticipating the party is just as much fun as (and usually lasts longer than) the event.
This invitation was for my third son's 1st Birthday. I'd seen a few of these around on the Internet and decide to go to the source i.e. The Sesame Street website to see what inspiration I could get.
This is what I was inspired to make.

Take a piece of A4 and cut it in half so you get two A5 pieces.
You can make 2 invites/card out of each piece of A4.

Score the A5 in half and fold.

Using the Big Shot die cutting machine and the Scallop Circle die place the card on top of the die which is on top of an acrylic plate. ( layer upon layer...)

Being A5 folded in half (A6) it won't completely cover the scallop circle - which is a good thing! Make sure the folded side is the side that leaves about 5 scallops remaining on the outside of the card. This is where the card will have it's fold and how it doesn't come out as just two separate circles.
The card looks a different colour because I had to lighten the picture enough to chow the scallops in the die clearly but it is the regular Pacific Point.
Place the other acrylic plate on top of all that and roll it through the machine. ( OR get your son/ hubby/ daughter / closest person who says they don't like card making/scrap booking etc to do it  - seriously the Big Shot is irresistible!)
This is how it will look when you take the top plate off on the other side.

And this is how it opens.
This is where you can write, stamp or adhere your invite details or birthday greetings.

Next to the facial features.
Cookie has the easiest face so it was wise to choose him or I'd be taking photos of each step til midnight!
For the mouth it's important Cookie has a good big wide mouth. The Ovals die has the perfect shape for it. Place a piece of black large enough to cover the largest oval on the die.
 Acrylic plate on top and roll it through.

Then using your paper trimmer cut the oval in half. I just tried to see the same amount of black on either side of the plastic ruler.
Yes I know Cookie is perfection on all levels of cuteness but he's certainly not perfection in terms of symmetry and precision so don't stress too much about getting it perfectly in half.

Using a 1 3/8" circle punch and some Whisper White card stock punch two eyes. The googly bits come from punching two 3/4" circles from black card stock.
 The positioning of the black dots is the key to Cookie's famous googly eyes.

 As he is a card he can stand up though he can get a bit of a roll up,
but isn't he cute?

And as my son turns 5{edited} in a few months I'd better start thinking about Knights and Dragons cake, food, invitations & games! Hopefully if I do a tutorial for anything else, it will see the light of the net before 3 years time *blush*

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