Thursday, 10 May 2012


So my GREAT news  is that I became a (very young) Great Aunt in the last school holidays. My nephew, who made me an Aunty, and his wife had their first little baby - a girl! Olivia and she is just gorgeous.
 And when I say little I really mean little. Sadly I'm yet to meet her as she was a bit early - 32 weeks - so is a very precious and special little one who needs extra care and time before she meets the big wide world.
She is doing amazingly well and only spent a week in the big hospital before they could return to a hospital closer to home but it will a little bit of time before she heads home yet.
I've had a bit of a cold and there's Whooping Cough going around my kids at school so we won't be able to meet her until that is under control and not a threat to our precious little great niece.

I just have to share my favourite photo of her. She didn't take her eyes off Dad the whole bath - how beautiful is that! It's so lovely to see my nephew become a Dad and Lauren is a wonderful Mum. It's been a pretty crazy start to parenting for them, if you are a 'pray'er your prayers would really be appreciated for them at this difficult time, thanks!
Here's to a little bit of pink in our lives!

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