Friday, 10 February 2012

and the winner is....

sorry couldn't resist - isn't it funny how certain things stick in your head. Did this one stick in yours too? When Juan Antonio Samaranch announced Sydney had won the 2000 Olympics - it became a bit of a catch cry for our town - and is forever stuck in my head whenever anyone says "and the winner is..."anyway I digress and you have probably already skipped over this part of my ridiculous rambling straight to find out that the Letterbox Love challenge winner was......
I was so impressed by everyone efforts that I do have a little "Packet of Love" to send back to everyone who was a part of it. What is love unless it's shared hey!

Though I did also choose one to get an extra special prize and that goes to
I have lots of nieces and nephews - 20 to be precise and 14 of them are boys so making 'boy cards' is a challenge that I face often and I really appreciated Larissa's take on this. I think this card could suit girl or boy being purple because purple rocks!

Watch out Gini, Erika, Naomi, Sarah, Maureen and Larissa for a bit of Letterbox Love coming your way soon!
(Hopefully much sooner than it took me to do this!!!)

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Sam said...

Not ridiculous at all Kirrily! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face...I often think the same thing when people announce...'the winner is'. It also reminds me exactly where I was (part of the huge crowd dancing on the streets of Circular Quay and the Rocks...what a great night)!

Thanks for the happy flashback :-)


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