Friday, 14 October 2011

Letterbox Love Challenge Larissa's card

Happy Birthday Grunge Rock by Larissa

At my new catalogue launch I set a challenge for any of the attendees to participate in if they wished.
The challenge was to use one of the new InColors with a piece of patterned paper I gave them to choose from and some white and then add anything else they wished.

Many of the girls accepted the challenge so my letterbox has received some love these past few weeks and here is the first of the cards I received to show you!
This great card is by Larissa.
How to pick a winner - it's going to be hard I may need your help!
(If I can work out how to do that!)
Please feel free to leave a comment here and now so Larissa feels the love too!


Erika said...

Great card, Larissa! I like it.

Lynda said...

I love the idea of this challenge Kirrily. Larissa has done a rockin job on the card. I have not got any of the in colours at the mo...not really drawn to any of them. Perhaps looking at the cards made in this challenge may sway me??

sarah said...

Nicely done :-) Looks great Larissa!


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