Tuesday, 21 June 2011

faux tearing butterfly

This is a case of a card my Team leader Marelle made a few years ago for the Stitches N Craft show at Rosehill. We were demoing Faux Tearing.
It translated well with this beautiful Strength and Hope stamp set.

The set is a fundraiser for Breast Cancer research worldwide however it is flexible enough to use for all sorts of purposes. The background words are very lovely for most occasions and the one word that is fairly specific to cancer which is the word "survivor" is on the right hand side of the stamp so when it's stamped on a thinner piece of card like this white piece used you can stamp it so that 'survivor' doesn't appear on the card.
To order your set of Strength and Hope email me.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

embossed medallion

I love this card in so many ways!
I love that it is so simple and quick to make AND it is elegant and stylish.

What I love about the Medallion stamp is it's so big and intricate that it doesn't need much else on the card. Perfect for an anniversary engagement or wedding card. I would have loved this as our wedding stationery theme.
Notice the neat bow. It's a wonderful faux bow {I can't claim invention of sadly} but it uses a little bit of ribbon and quite a few glue dots but very worth it in my opinion- not only for it's stylishness but also for it's "postability".

Thursday, 16 June 2011

bunnies, reds and race cars

This is going back in time ages ago but we spent some time in Bathurst over Easter and I made this little box for my niece.

Toby loves that the paws seem to push the flap down.

Couldn't resist putting a little fluffy tail inside!

The bunny is made using all SU! punches. Aint he cute?

At the time there were some beautiful changing leaves and the reds were stunning.

This row was stunning.

We also saw some races that were on at the track at Mount Panorama and were on top of the Pit Building when one of the races started, it really gave an insight into the adrenaline that must pump through the body before the lights go out to start the race. You could feel it from all the way up here!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Holiday class

Goodness me it's been ridiculously long since I posted something proper! Sorry about that. Life has been a little crazy so blogging didn't make it to the top of the "to do" list. Little ones sick, and very busy with all the specials of the week, Parramatta College and workshops.
 I have much to show you just haven't found the time to post it.
 But first as I  promised the gorgeous girls who came to my class last holidays a photo from the Cupcakes and Bunnie class.
It was really fun preparing this class as the bunny was so cute! and it was great seeing how the girls and the 4 boys who were also there personalised their cards with their creativity.

Thanks for coming  - sorry it took so long to post this!!


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