Friday, 1 April 2011

Warning Petrol Fumes in this post

I can't believe today is the first day of April- the past three months have flown. Mind you we have been rather busy -parties parties parties -so I thought a recap was in order.
Today is my spunky's hubby's birthday so the partying is far from over and with holidays to look forward to the end is not in sight - which is a good thing!

3 weeks ago was Jake's 5th birthday and he had a Buzz Lightyear party - last year it was a Woody party. It's hard to believe how long one child can love the same movie characters but I guess it is played out in the movies themselves isn't it! I do wonder what he'll do with his Woody and Buzz when he is 18 - however I'm sure they won't be in as good a condition as they were in TS3!

Here is his Spaceship cake and the birthday boy dressed in his new electronic Buzz wings, gravity belt, suit  etc.

A week later we had my nephews 21st party - check how cute his cake is!
It's Dave defeating Andy Murray (our favourite tennis player)

and we celebrated my sister-in-law's 40th too.

Then last weekend it was my birthday and as our birthdays are so close we used up our frequent flyers and went to Melbourne for the day to celebrate both. We had a very early start so plenty of time to enjoy a bit of Melbourne to start with including the Haighs chocolate chop -YUM!!!

We had a great day wandering the track, we changed a F1 car tyre in a competition, saw Webber and Vettels suits from last year,

 Scotty met his childhood hero
 (being from Bathurst and a Ford fan growing up Dickky Johnson was a legend)

Unfortunately this was as close as I got to Jenson that day!

We really enjoyed some time together without interruptions!

SO often people are surprised when they find out I like motor sport. But I know I'm not the only girl around and I'm not as full on as some. In fact in my SU! team i know of at least 4 others who have all been to the F1 - lucky chicks! SO if you're a fan (which if you've made to the end of this post you're must be half way there!) then our team is very welcoming to fellow revheads!

Now I'd best be off to finish hubby's card and gift.


Bec: said...

I'm not a massive fan of motorsport, but I am a fan of you, my dear friend XOXOX

Anonymous said...

Great post! I wish you could follow up on this topic!



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