Tuesday, 8 March 2011

a convert

 A good friend who has never ventured into the land of Scrapbooking asked for some help with her idea for her family's Christmas gifts.She had found some rare photos and wanted to give them in a special format so asked for some guidance. These are her creations.

Now this is a pretty big deal really. It may not seem like it but it is quite momentous.

A lot of my closest friends don't "get " Scrapbooking. And it is often the source of much amusement to them that I do. So it was a vindication, may I just say, when the email came through along the lines of .... " I know I always bag you out about scrapbooking BUT..."

just as well I'm thick skinned and forgiving :)

I've always told them they are repressed!

I won't name her as I'm not sure she's ready to "go public" yet but she did give me permission to show them here.

 SO I hope you enjoy her creations - I'm sure her Nan, Mum, Dad and sisters (and brother-in-laws:) ) all do - right Thomas!?!


Anonymous said...

well well...saying Thomas is my brother in law is a little give away!!!

And i am not sure if i am fully converted or if I did that much of the 'real' work myself...

But they were pretty successful...thanks for your help!

Anonymous said...

they look great! (never saw them finished) Don't worry anonymous, your secret is safe with me... Naomi

Anonymous said...

Oh goodie... now I can officially torment Erin as a bona fide scrapbooker?



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