Friday, 15 October 2010

Blue Monsters and 1 y.o.'s = a dangerous combination

WOW! there has been so much going on I feel like I've hardly been able to breathe!
School holidays held some thing new every day and we had Joshua's 1st birthday party and my mum staying so it's been full on in our house and I've hardly touched the computer let alone my blog!
Much to show though.
The New Catalogue launch was a great success. The winners of the Lucky Door prize were Elva and Erika - "E" was obviously the letter of the day. Which reminds me of Joshua's birthday party -we had a Sesame Street party the invitations were using the characters I'd made in this post.
 But more of that later...back to the launch. We had the goody bags ready to go and the cupcake picks looked very cute but I forgot to take a photo - was too busy demonstrating the make and takes, showing samples, giving out the special offers and goody bags to remember!
 I have managed to do a fair bit of creating and should be back with more soon. 

In the meantime here are the cupcakes we had at Josh's party

and his birthday cake.

It was big cupcakes pushed close together and iced as one and then two extras iced as the googly eyes on top. I saw the idea online and thought it was very clever.

But the funniest part of the party was that we had a real Cookie Monster in our midst!

 If you look carefully you'll notice that the big cookie was gone by the time we sang Happy Birthday! We have no confession but an eyewitness testifies to seeing Josh's great Uncle munching on a  rather large cookie early on in the party!!!! How funny!

Here is the birthday boy and his cousin enjoying Pass the Parcel.  

And opening presents with Great Aunt and Grandma {I love this photo}.

Needless to say the boy had a great day and the rainy weather didn't bother us.

The jelly cups were a hit however come with a warning ~ combine a Cookie Monster jelly cup with a Cookie Monster blue iced cupcake and, believe me, you do not want to see the effect of that on a nappy the next day!
Back with more later. 

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