Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A 6th birthday

My "little big man" turned six a couple of Saturdays ago and he adores magic. He discovered it at a School Holidays show at the shopping centre and still loves it a year later! So we had a magic party. Mummy sewed 3 magicians capes, Daddy did a Magic Show with the help of some pretty cool tricks from the Magic Shop at Chatswood (and some dodgy facial hair), which ended with an unexpected bang and lots of colourful paper and streamers, we had a Top Hat cake, played Pin the Wand on the Magician (that Toby drew) and Pass-the-Top-Hat plus the party bags were a game too. They were each given a token and had to find the correct adult then do an activity to get their loot. It was lots of fun and noisy!

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