Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Mothers Day

Hope you all had a Happy Mothers Day.
We had a beautiful day meeting with family at Newcastle. It was such gorgeous weather we made the most of it with a picnic at King Edward park. We ate {most importantly:)}, went for stroll,played cricket in the beautiful afternoon light,and slid down the hill on a big card board box Toby found. Even my mum went on it - good on her! Unfortunately my camera battery died, actually I think it was fortunate as I had a rather undignified moment trying to slide down head first with my niece and my nephew decided to help by pushing our feet which...well I'll leave that to your imagination....no damage done .. well perhaps only to my sense of style and grace. These are my three sons, who treated me like a princess for the day and made it so special it was my best Mothers Day yet.

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