Sunday, 20 December 2009

santas little helper

Nan told the boys that Santa's elves come watching through windows to see if you've been good or not and they may leave lollies under the bushes so you know they've been - thanks for that Nan!
So after looking in the back garden to no avail the front garden produce 4 little packets of lollies. Wow the elves had really been to our house!!! Tobes was wondering if the neighbours might have some in their gardens but as they are older folk I said that the elves probably only visit the houses of children. Tobes didn't think that was fair so he donned his Santa's Little Helper outfit, found some lollies in the cupboard and went on a secret mission. He then changed back to his normal clothes before yelling over the back fence at our neighbour who was mowing the lawn what he might find in his front yard. I had to go out and explain a little more so Ross, our dear neighbour, knew he should go out the front where the boys were waiting for him. They of course helped him find them although one was missing!!! We discovered that while Tobes had been out the back telling Ross another little elf had decide they looked too good to pass up and we found the empty wrapper in our garden - what a cheeky little elf or should I say imp!

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