Monday, 26 October 2009

little holiday and bird attack!

My hubby had last week off to help us settle in with the baby but we also decided to treat it as a mini holiday too so on Friday with the gorgeous weather we were having we decided to go to the beach. We had fish and chips for lunch at Dee Why. As you can see the water was such a beautiful colour. It was Josh's first visit to the beach, not that he saw anything, he slept through whole thing except for feeding. The boys loved playing at the waters edge which was a bit chilly for my liking but okay up to the ankles. The only eventful things was as I turned my head to tell Toby (for the 100th time) "get out of Josh's face" a seagull pecked my thumb as it tried to take off with the prawn cutlet I was holding - cheeky thing! Sorry no action shot of that though - just a photo of the boys and me - usually I'm behind the camera but this time it was hubby's turn.

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