Wednesday, 28 October 2009

4 weeks old today

I can't believe that four weeks has passed already! It has gone so quickly and in one way I think "excellent we have made it through the first four weeks already and it hasn't been too hard" and then another part of me thinks "wow that went so fast he'll be big before I know it!" Thankfully I have been able to really enjoy looking after him - today was our first full day at home with all three boys. Thankfully good friends came over for the afternoon and I actually managed to have a sleep - how awesome - thanks TnTnC! And then my gorgeous 5 year old took all the washing (three loads!) off the line all by himself (while standing on a chair) while I was dealing with two other unhappy fellows - what a champion!


Tegan said...

So glad to hear that things are running reasonably smoothly, that you got a chance to catch up on some sleep, and that you are enjoying your time with your little man :)
Take care, and keeping smiling xx

Sue Dean said...

Sounds like you have good one! He already has so much wisdom in his eyes. Look forward to meeting him and of course an Aunty Sue cuddle

Thomas Houseman said...

:) - Our pleasure.


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