Saturday, 15 August 2009

my handsome little men with glowing ears

Here are the two stunners ready for their cousins wedding. This was pretty much the only good shot we got of them as it was a rather overwhelming day. Firstly getting dressed up very handsomely, sorry Toby, I mean cool and having everyone look at you or, at least, feeling like everyone is looking at you and everyone else getting dressed up weirdly too was all a bit strange. But they enjoyed it, Jake fell asleep halfway through the service in Daddy's arms and Toby announced it was boring just as they got to the vows, but I'm sure they really enjoyed it. These little vests were actually worn by my nephews 10 years ago at our own wedding and it was so cute seeing them both wearing them. We had three little pageboys at our wedding, 3 of my nephews, one from each of my siblings' families who had children at the time. Warning: flash back ahead!!!! Here is one of our wedding photos from, yes, 1998. This has our littlest attendants in it, we did have big ones too, but these were by far the cutest! and the three little monkeys are wearing the vests. Wonderfully they fitted our boys very well and were perfect for Mark & Lauren's wedding as although you can't see it very well in the picture they are striped with a teal colour along side blue and gold. Aren't they cute! Anyway enough reminiscing.... Our boys were babysat by a good friend during the reception so we were really able to enjoy that time of celebration. She also babysat them during Dad's funeral two days later and looked after them lots in between which was so helpful - she was a true Godsend.


Lynda S said...

OMG Kirrily...u look so diff. The boys look v v hansome...and the pic is definitely one for the 21st board!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your boys!! They were godsends to look after!

Anonymous said...

Aren't they cute in their outfit for the wedding. what a beautiful photo. I love your wedding photo too. Just gorgeous.



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