Monday, 20 July 2009

Dad's rose

Yesterday we went to Swane's nursery at Dural and chose a standard Peace rose for a new garden we were planning. My Dad has always grown roses and the Peace rose was his favourite variety so our garden is in honour of Dad. It was a beautiful day thankfully so we all were out taking off turf, digging and turning over the soil to prepare the spot that I had chosen. Well my hubby did most of the work, I did most of the planning and directing :) Bending over is not the easiest task at the moment.
The boys had a great time getting dirty. And here is the result of our hard work.
We surrounded it with some shrubs that will form a hedge and then some pansies for a little bit of colour. It doesn't look that fantastic now but considering it was all lawn before hand it was a lot of work and I'm sure it will come spring time so I'll have to remember to post a photo then too! I also managed to get a Chinese lantern bush which I've wanted for a long time. I found the prettiest ones at Swanes and it was hard to choose which one to get. It was between this one
and a beautiful orange one with larger simpler lanterns. This one won because it was so pretty but I would have loved both!!! We pretty much have an empty slate with our garden which is what we were hoping for when we bought our place as my hubby loves gardening and I appreciate what he does ;) So we have plans for more but we will do more as the weather and budget allows. Something I'd never really discovered until yesterday was Daphne - it has the most divine scent. So there are plans for it to go in the garden under our window though I've read can be tricky to grow. Any advice would be appreciated!


Chantelle said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your father and the difficult time you've had. He sounds like a very strong and faithful man and I'm sure you will miss him heaps. I'm sure you find comfort in God's word and to know that he no longers suffers from the pain he had on earth.
What a beautiful tribute to your dad with the garden you've created. It will be a special place. And I just love the Chinese lanterns - I have just one - a yellow flowering one - but I would love to have more soon. They are just beautiful.
Hope you are doing well - hugs.

Lynda S said...

Kirrily...I am so v v glad that u got to plant this tribute to a v special man in ur life. As it will be a place where u can reflect, remember and smile...and perhaps even chat to the new bubba when he/she arrives and tell them abt their amazing grand-dad. Hope your doing better. ooxx

Bec: said...

Hey Kirl, what a great idea re: the rose in honour of your Dad :)

For tips on daphne, talk to my Mum: she's always doing cuttings from one of her bushes (which I think originally came from a plant of my Nanna's (?)).

XOXO Talk soon


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