Tuesday, 26 May 2009

new york journals

Images © Stampin' Up!® 1990-2009 I made these journals for my sister and niece who have recently gone to live in New York. It is their first time living in a different country and I thought a notebook which they can journal or scribble notes about where to go, who they met etc. may be helpful. The obvious choice was the Fifth Avenue Floral stamp set to decorate these books. I had to have a go at watercolouring the rose - I think I need a bit more practice on that! One of the reasons why I love this set is it's versatility. It looks fantastic stamped as a line-art image but also watercoloured, sponge daubered or paper pieced. I'm looking forward to playing with this set to see it's full potential. For the next book I used Heat and Stick powder and the Chunky glitter to give the rose something different. I also used slightly softer colours. I have to say my hubby did a great job buying the notepads. He went to the shops with the instructions "a notepad with a clear cover and dividers if possible". He returned home with what's called Pukka Pads which were perfect. The colour inspiration came from the colour of the dividers though I could have made my own using the Round Tab punch and different colours if I preferred. So I set to work and had three of these done by the next evening. When I showed him the final product he just cracked up laughing. And this is apparently why they are so hilarious. Now I've never really done the whole ribbon thing before so it is my first attempt but I'm not really sure if you can go that wrong. It's suppose to look like an explosion of ribbon right? Perhaps someone who has a bit more experience in ribbon embellishment can give me some tips, but it was fun and took far less time than I thought to run a lighter over the ends of each ribbon to prevent fraying. The third version is one a have kept for myself and I'll show you that one later.


Bec: said...

I love them: what a sweet idea :) What was Scotty cracking up at?

Lynda S said...

Brilliant effort Kirrily. Hubby needs a reality check....sur he can BUY the goods.....but when was the last time HE decorated with ribbon huh?? LOL Your sister will go nuts over them...guarenteed.

Kerry (Kez) said...

What a great idea to give your rellies! and the covers are GOJUS!!!!


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