Thursday, 9 April 2009

our poor camera

I'm a bit sad as our camera died when my husband took it to the F1 Melbourne Grand Prix two weekends ago. It just gave up taking images, but I guess it has worked pretty hard over the time we've had it. We bought it the day before our first was born, in fact, I was at home with my waters broken and hubby's on the phone going "do you think we should get this one? or this one? and should we go extended warranty?" (actually I should look into whether we did or not?)
my reply was "just get one and get home!!!" Anyway it wasn't til a day later that Tobes was actually born and by then we'd had time to work out how to use it thankfully so we could take photos like this one...awww! A very proud daddy. and thishow cute! I think in it's first year the camera had taken over 1000 photos - you could say I was quite obsessed. Those of you who are scrappers will then know the implications of this - eek! and back on the 14th Nov 08 it cracked the 10,000 mark and had to start counting over again. The last image it took was it's 12,146th photo or video. So I guess it has served us well! But at the moment I am without a camera to take photos of all my delicious new goodies from the new catalogue. I shall have to drag out some old images in the meantime til we work out something new. So here's one of my favourite set from SAB in a wedding card, Botanical Blooms.
This is uses the watercolouring technique and I have used this set in various techniques which I may be able to show over the coming days. Back later! and have a Happy Easter!


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