Thursday, 19 March 2009


SO here's a quick recap.... the weekend before last we headed up to Bathurst to see the in-laws and go to the Bathurst Show where we saw the pig races... ate nutritionally sound food.... and were winners on the clowns (who isn't?)... then when we got home my parents arrived and spent most of the week with us so there was a visit to Liverpool for a check up for my Dad, who got good results - hooray! and a trip on the new Epping to Chatswood train line (which was my 3 year olds first train trip) then I worked Thursday and Friday and had a workshop Friday night (hi Girls!) and then Saturday was Jakey's 3rd birthday so there was preparations all morning and then the party in the afternoon and family dinner at night..... here's Jake cheating on the donut on the clothesline game... his Plex cake from Yo Gabba Gabba... and some Foofa and Muno cupcakes... Sunday, not to be outdone, started with church, choir rehearsal, a trip up the central coast to visit my brother's family, which included a visit to the Emergency Room for my nephew (who is fine thankfully), then a race against time to get back home in time to drive with my sister to Penrith to see Dave Campbell perform (thanks to my friends Penny and Adam). We met him afterwards and he gave us a kiss, such a charmer with a very cheeky sense of humour. It was a great show.
Posted by Picasa Then you'd think my Monday I'd be totally exhausted but after preschool drop off, the gym and shopping my stamping group came over to help make invites for my Nephews wedding. I am doing 70 invites and 100 orders of service covers. They are now well underway thanks to them! Anyway enough of my crazy week, I'm off to work today but I'll be back soon with cards....

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