Thursday, 5 March 2009


This is a card I made for a little friend of ours who recently turned 4. I had borrowed the Outline Alphabet from my friend, (thanks Marelle!) and had great fun doing paper piecing with it. This technique is a great way if using up any left over tiny bits of patterned paper which if you like me and have any Scottish roots then you save everything! So while this alphabet is not on the retiring list - hooray! - the ds paper used is! Bits of Dashing, Petals and Paisley and Spring Break have been used and the red one was from one last years Simply Scrappin' Kits that retired a year ago but I had a scrap that suited perfectly. I have to tell you a 'Mere Male' story just as I was finishing this card my hubby asked "Who is it for?" I had to look at him for a while to work out if he was joking as we often do have that kind of humour but he had sounded completely serious when he asked it. To his credit he hadn't really looked at it but needless to say I didn't need to answer him.
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I used the In the Stars set for the Summer mini to stamp the paper. I have a huge roll of plain white paper that I use when I want the paper to match the card or present or both and I have the time to make it. It looks great when it does all goes together. Check out the retiring list it's quickly disappearing so if you want anything order quickly.

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Kerryn said...

I am in love with this card. I love the use of patterned paper for the lettering! It's such a perfect card for a boy! Welldone!


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