Wednesday, 11 February 2009

a singed koala brings hope

I have been finding it hard to post anything lately because of the overwhelming feeling of sadness for those affected by the bush fires in Victoria. Where do you begin again or how do you go on from such devastation? What is heart warming is seeing the solidarity and generosity of people. Such suffering can bring out the best in people. I found this video of a firefighter giving an injured koala a drink. A little glimpse of survival and the Aussie sense of humour in this video. Hope it brings a smile to your face in what is otherwise such a sad time.,21985,25038852-2862,00.html So living here in Sydney we are far away from all that's going on but with the heartbreaking stories on the news almost 24 hours a day it's not far from our thoughts and hearts. So what can we do? Both the Salvos and the Red Cross have appeals and of course the coming months will require higher than normal blood donations for those suffering burns and requiring many operations in the future... we can shop at Coles on Friday when all profits will go to the appeal... and of course we can pray....

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Kim Tonnet said...

Thanks for sharing Kirrily, I sure need hope. I'm so distressed by all that has happened. It's a struggle to keep faithful and stay hopeful. Love KimT


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