Wednesday, 4 February 2009

cute boy

Images © Stampin' Up!® 1990-2008 Friends of ours (Hi Naomi!) had their third baby boy recently and this is the card I made them. I did paper piecing for the first time and love it - you'll see a few more over the next few weeks. Paper piecing is where you stamp directly onto patterned paper with an line art image then cut it out. I used paper from the Spring Break DS pack and the little safety pin stamp is from the Short and Sweet set.
Perhaps I should have coloured the heart red or paper pieced it with another pattern but I liked that it lined up well with the white so left it as it came. The scalloped edge punch came in handy to create the scalloped edge around the main image. I'm still working on perfecting the corners! While I really like this card and think it's pretty cute it's nowhere near as cute as the little man who it was made for!


Liam said...

This card is soooo cute.


Naomi said...

Thanks, Kirrily- we think he's pretty cute too!


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