Thursday, 26 February 2009

2 years celebrations = Blog Candy

SO I've been thinking of doing Blog candy for a while now as I'd like to see who it is that reads my blog! I know lots of people do as the counter keeps going up and often people say to me "yeah I saw that on your blog" which must be like what my sister-in-law used to feel when I house-sat for them and had parties (or gatherings as I preferred to call them) and my friends who'd see her later would say "you have a really nice house" and she'd think when were you there?!... anyway I guess that's the virtual world isn't it! So to find out who actually reads my blog I thought there's nothing like a bit of Blog Candy to encourage a comment or two! I've been thinking of reasons to have blog candy and I was picking numbers on my counter like 9999 or 12345 visitors but they kept passing so quickly before I'd organised what to do so I found another reason. Today is marks my 2 years with Stampin' Up! I can't believe it really. In some way it seems to have gone very quickly but in other ways I feel like I've learnt and done so much with Stampin' Up! that I can't believe I've fitted it all into two years along with everything else that happens in life. When I look back to when I started I really didn't know very much about stamping or card making and now I feel like there is never enough time to do all the ideas I have in my head! I've not regretted once joining Stampin' Up! and I fluctuate between a hobby demo and someone doing it for a business which suits me fine! I've made so many new friends and have something that I enjoy that I can pick up at any time of the day or night and can set myself goals that are very satisfying to achieve. SO for my blog candy please leave a comment - perhaps what you enjoy most about anything to do with Stampin' Up! even if it's a particular product or a great workshop I've run for you :) joke! And you will win a mystery pack... I'll post a photo soon once I've put it all together. Everyone's welcome to enter! Edited to Add: I forgot to say the blog Candy comp will close Friday midnight and I'll announce a winner on Monday 9th March


Thomas Houseman said...

Shouldn't it be blog lollies or have you turned American?

Sam Coppack said...

Well, I think my favourite thing about Stampin' Up would have to be the opportunity to meet and share with others who love stamping! I've made some great new friends who I may not have had the pleasure of meeting otherwise!

Sara B said...

I love to see the new catalogues and new sets and then see what everyone does with the same stamps. So for me it is the creativity.

I enjoy the ideas you give on your blog.

Sara - coming out of lurkdom. :)

jmniffer said...

So much to love about SU! The coordination between cs, ink and embellishments is a favorite. Love the punches too, and the wonderful sets. I'm not a demo, just a happy customer. jmniffer

Winged said...

Wow, 2 years! Congratulations from Russia!
I'm a newby in scrapbooking so I have a lot to learn from you!
I’ve discovered the world of scrapbooking about a year ago. Wow, how can I live withought it? But the journey across the blogs even scare me sometimes: I realize that my life is too short to embody all the inspirational ideas… So I’d like to wish you a long life :) , a big ideas and a lot of friends to share with :)

Oh, I adore surprises and wish this MYSTERIOUS presend will be mine! :)

Best wishes! Crafty mood!

Lynda S said...

Sincere congrats on ur milestone!!!I came upon SU June 08 thru a friend that needed a bum-on-a-seat for a work shop. I had some of the punches (as that was my thing) but when I lernt about the way everything came together....I was hooked. It has opened my world to FAB people, products (and blogs too!!!!)

Pam said...

Ooo....this one is a toughie. What is there NOT to like about stampin up? :) I love how things coordinate and how ingenious the company is in creating products that are exciting/inspiring. Seeing the different things that people do with the same product is amazing, too. Wow, I get so gushy when I start talking about this stuff. :D

Butterfly said...

Congratulations on your two year celebrations. For me it is the creativity outlet that SU products provide. Since discovering SU about two years ago I have managed to collect so many sets of stamps and accessories that I needed to expand my working area. I enjoy visiting your blog and always come away amazed at how creative people like yourself are. The SU catalogues are another favourite of mine as they too provide so many ideas for being creative with their wonderful products. Thank you for sharing with us and I wish you well for the next 12 months.
Thank you also for offering some blog candy - Will keep my fingers crossed. Helen Reiters

Cat Horsburgh said...

Hi Kirrily,

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your workshop party last night. I feel very inspired and my husband is concerned by me already leafing through the catalogue again! Can't wait to get into making some more lovely cards - using the tips you taught us.


Cat Horsburgh

Donna said...

I often check back at your blog and get some inspiration from your great cards - thanks

I love the way the SU products all work so well together and the colours coordinate so beautifully. I think you could probably put ANY of their colours together and they'd 'work' - I wonder if anyone could come up with a BAD combo?

Donna in New Zealand

Kathryn Mangelsdorf said...

Hi there, yes I am one of your regular blog lookers but don't leave a message to say hi or comment on your cards. But I do love your ideas and keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

Hi. i think its the versatility of stamping I love, letting me do papercraft projects or cards or scrapping and the Stampin' Up stamps are the most professional looking ones I've seen around...the colour combos certainly make it look professional too...I intend to do more once bubs comes!

baulkham hills girl! said...

I really enjoy receiving your email updates as your designs are amazing and have that "wow" factor, yet are often uncomplicated and do-able even by someone like me! I especially love reading your "verse of the day" or "words of inspiration". Keep these going. The SU stamps are classy and beautiful too. Thanks for the inspiration.

Amanda Rutlidge said...

Congrats on reaching 2 years!
I love EVERYTHING about Stampin Up! But I'm sure you already knew that, Kirrily!!
Sorry I missed Rach's workshop- would have loved to have been there but I needed to be "mum" that night rather than "Stampin Queen", as my husband calls me.

Deborah B said...

Hi Kirrily, well I am very new to this whole scene but i have to admitt the best thing so far has been how welcome you have made me feel.
I am really trying to find my feet as I have only started card making this year and have to date really enjoyed it.
By default I was introduced to Stampin' Up!. I purchased some materials off the internet from a lady who had lost her enjoyment which included some SU! products and then went looking for more bits and found you.
So thanks for making me feel like I'm welcome, sometimes joining a new thing, group or hobby can be mighty daunting but you have taken those concerns away.
Can't wait to join you for a class :0)


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