Friday, 30 January 2009

photo tag

I've been tagged by my downline Sam in this fun photo tag. I had to go into My Photos select the 6th folder and 6th photo which was this one! my gorgeous cat Callie, who is now 6 years old, and explain about it. This photo was taken 4 and a half years ago when I was in hospital with my newborn Toby. Callie did a good job of looking after my husband when he was home alone. She is a very loving cat and a real princess. A year ago we got a kitten which really threw her out of sorts but she as since grown to tolerate, and even perhaps love a little bit, the new addition. She waits at the door if Nala hasn't come inside in the evening and gives her a good sniff like "now what have you been up to" when she does stroll in. She also, now this is the kind of freaky bit, likes to nuzzle at my neck. She's done it since the first day we brought her home at 6 weeks old. I spoke to the vet about it concerned she was hoping to get milk out of there but she assured me it is her way of saying you're my family and I love you. She also loves dancing, particularly with my husband, if there's ever a bit of silly dancing going on in our house, which is usually daily, then she's there and loves to be picked up and part of the action. When she was a kitten she would play chasing up and down the stairs of our townhouse and fetch with balls of scrunched up paper. She is a most excellent cat. I am supposed to tag 6 people on but unfortunately I won't be today as it's a crazy weekend, with guests coming and dinners and special church services so click on the links down the side to blog on!

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Kim Tonnet said...

Hi Kirrily, pick me pick me for photo tag. I have lots of un-crafty photos on my blog after my recent holiday to Africa. So, if you're into photos, please hop on over to Have a great social and spiritual weekend Kirrily. Love KimT aka Crafty Kim


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