Monday, 22 December 2008

team Christmas party

Earlier in the month we had our team Christmas dinner at Ruth's place and she made her place look so lovely with her huge table set with these cute boxes filled with her delicious cherry slice,
crackers and a lucky door prize which I won!!! This amazing box, which would have been a good enough prize on it's own but.. it was filled with yummy skin care products which after being away from teaching full time now for 5 years I have finally run out of... I miss my end of year gifts :( - they were awesome! So these are already in the bathroom being used.
But not only that there were chocs on top - yummo Ferrero Rochers ( I did a pretty good job of hiding the fact that 3 were already gone when I took the photo, now more have gone ;) and I am planning on using the container for a future project so watch this space...
We did Secret Santa and I received some ribbon from the Summer mini, Old Olive Prints DS paper and this cute cupcake soap - how sweet is it?
We had such a delicious dinner, I ran some games, we relaxed and had fun! Marelle was so kind and gave us all a gift in this cute matchbox she made
of some Styled Silver Hodgepodge and double stitched ribbon. How lucky are we!
If you've ever been tempted to join SU! then I'm sure this tempts you even more!! If you are keen to join up you will become part of a fantastic team that is made up of many types of demonstrators. Some who run a business, others who do it purely for hobby and others who mix a bit of both but best of all they are all wonderful people. January and February are a great time to join - so email me to ask more!

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