Wednesday, 17 December 2008

our nativity

A couple of years ago I admired my sister-in-laws knitted nativity scene and I asked where she got it from - "Margie!" my very crafty aunty of course! My mad Aunty Marg has crafted her whole life and made everyone beautifully decorated cakes for 21sts and weddings, special 'tick tock' aprons for the fellows at the BBQ, a hilarious dinner suit style bib for my littlest among other things so I was thrilled when the following year I was presented with a bag bulging with colourful woollen things to my great surprise. "Here, now this is Christmas, Birthdays and everything rolled into one- ha ha!" she said. And I just love it ! I love the shepherds pipe cleaner crooks and their earthy colours - perhaps their clothes really would have been made of wool- very authentic!
The wise guys look pretty dashing in their regal colours.
I can't imagine doing the little gifts - such detail.
How cute is the manger and Jesus - not sure it would have been quite this comfy!
I am yet to have finished the manger for them to go in as it needs to be pretty special to compliment these guys so at the moment they look pretty sparse but I guess the first Christmas was a fairly low key event - aside from the angels and the huge shining star that is! hmmmm... angels and stars... better mention them to Margie actually it think she'll kill me if I did!


Emily said...

So adorable!

Sam Coppack said...

Wow! These are amazing! Do you think she'd make any to sell?! They're just so beautiful! Did you post a photo on fm103.2 for their nativity photo comp?

Thomas Houseman said...

Oh dear... they died!

ritar said...

OMG! Those are adorable!


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