Tuesday, 16 December 2008

our gingerbread house

Yesterday Tobes and I decorated our gingerbread house while Jakey ate any lolly that wasn't being stuck onto the house. Every year our church holds a Gingerbread house afternoon but this year we couldn't go as it was the same date as my parents 50th wedding anniversary lunch. We did, however, manage to get a kit and yesterday before Carols in the Park we spent a couple of hours decorating it ready for Wednesday night when our Biblestudy group is having a Christmas 'minis' dinner eg mini hot dogs, mini pizzas, mini spring rolls, mini pavs.. basically any food in it's miniature form. I'm nominating this as a mini as it's a mini house really, not that you could ever eat a real sized ginger bread house - actually I have seen a photo of one in Canada - crazy! Note the lolly ring wreath on the door and the caramel chimney with smoke puffing out on the roof. At the other end of the house below is the tree with presents underneath it, with bows on them! I always attempt to do a snow man who usually turns out like this! I really should do him first when the icing is not so runny - maybe one year I'll learn. The eyes are 100 and 1000s, the nose a broken piece of M&M and the scarf a snake sliced in strips. My icicles are improving year by year however I don't think I'll ever achieve the quality that I saw two Korean male students do one year! amazing! a pretty (delicious) flower and log pile So much fun - if you've never done one it's worth a go - if you live near Epping in Sydney, let me know if you'd like to come next year! Seriously you're whacking lollies on a house how wrong can you go?!


Thomas Houseman said...

The poor snowman :(

Hope he's tasty!

Wendy said...

Wow, this is gorgeous, Kirrily! Just a hint for the snowman -try marshmellows under the icing. I've never tried it, so I can't guarantee it will work, but it just popped into my head, so thought I'd mention it. I may just have to try making one of these now!


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