Tuesday, 2 December 2008

50 years

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This is the invitation I made using the set "Together Forever" for my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. On Saturday we had the celebration at our home. It was mostly family and a couple of friends who were at the wedding. Here they are ready for the special presentations.
Our gift to Ma & Pa was tickets to Andre Reiu on Friday night and thankfully it was dry for the whole of the show. It was a fantastic show (I managed to go on Thursday with my sister, nieces boyfriend and his mum as my niece works there and had 4 free tickets - how good is that?) Just looking at the stage and seeing 48 ice skaters, too many to count dancers and how ever many are in the orchestra it was huge. The Blue Danube was really beautiful as was the theme from Titanic.
Anyway back to my parents, we received congratulatory messages from Kev, the GG and 6 other MPs so that was nice and I managed to borrow the cardboard cut out of Andre from the local music store so he made a guest appearance all the way from " Mastriecht" for a bit of a laugh. Here they are cutting their cake with Andre playing in the background :)
And here's mum pretending to give him a kiss~ :) It was a good laugh.


Tegan said...

aww such a pretty card, and what a beautiful photo :)

happy anniversary! that's a huge milestone.

Thomas Houseman said...

I love the last pic :)


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