Saturday, 29 November 2008

another ornament

These are my "cute-sters" from over a year ago. Every year I make a tree ornament with a photo of them on it. It's a tradition I started when my four year old had his first Christmas. It's hilarious already looking back and it's going to be fantastic when they are 18! Usually we use the Christmas photo from the year which I take myself at home in front of our tree with the cat - this year it will be "cats" plural as our kitten Nala joined us in January so that will be twice as much fun getting everyone to look at the camera at once! I thought we would have a fairly neat Christmas this year in terms of the tree not being destroyed by little fingers until I realised it will be Nala's first Christmas with us so it will be destroyed by little black paws.
Check out this link to see what may be instore for us. Make sure you scroll down to see the before and after shots another cat Christmas treee.
These ornaments are available in the Spring mini which finishes on November 30 - get in quick to order yours and begin a family tradtion.

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