Thursday, 20 November 2008


I'm sorry I've just joined Facebook - very bad move! - it's completely addictive and you can waste hour after hour so I'm being strong and pulling myself away to show you this.
Not very inspiring I know but that was what my parent's table looked like the whole week we stayed there on holidays last month. I pretty much crafted every moment we weren't out at the beach or bowling or shopping.. SO I have much to show just haven't got organised to show it! So hoepfully (if I can keep off Face book) I will over the next couple of weeks.


Erin said...

like the christmas cards you made and I saw on the dining table on wednesday?

I can't believe you are already addicted! THATS BAD!

vickiw said...

I have facebook to keep up with my college aged DD. I know what you mean about facebook and spending hours on it. Good luck with that one.....heehee
It's fun to stay connected to friends though.

Mel Hanlon said...

I completely understand, Kirrily, I joined the other month, and it is dangerous! I spend WAY too long on it! But I am looking forward to seeing the projects you made!


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