Thursday, 30 October 2008

Connor Samuel Aaron arrives

We were so excited last night to go and meet the new little man in our lives.
Toby was very pleased to see Connor is a boy so he can join in the game of Boys Forts at our home. ( maybe in a year or so)
Jakey was pleased he too has 3 names.Jakey can sure be rough and loud and well, just "2" basically and, yes, he was all of those things last night but in a more beautiful moment he gave Connor the sweetest gentlest kisses showing his loving heart. Congrats to Thomas and Tara on such a gorgeous boy and brother to Clare. Congrats to Aunty Erin too.


Thomas Houseman said...

for all the well-wishes, presents and visits. All appreciated.

Thomas Houseman said...

Err... my THANKS dropped off the above message there somehow....


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