Monday, 13 October 2008

Card By Toby

We had our 10th Wedding Anniversary on Friday (YAY!) and as we were preparing to go out my 4 year old asked if he could use some bits and pieces he found in my craft room. Next thing I know he's put it together like this (minus the bow of course). I was quietly impressed by his eye for design and putting the ribbon across the stamped image as if it's all wrapped up in love. I offered to help him by snipping the side of the card so we could poke the ribbon through (how the ribbon was going to get around was distressing him) and then I tied the bow. He wouldn't let me trim the ribbon as you may have guessed. He was so pleased to give it to his Aunty Suzy who looked after Jake and him for the evening and who he loves very much!
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Thomas Houseman said...

Now why would you want to go and trim the ends of a perfectly good long ribbon/bow? I think Tobes had the right of it.

Sam Coppack said...

Makayla really likes Toby's card! Well done!


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