Thursday, 16 October 2008

10 years in the garden

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Last Friday it was our 10th Wedding Anniversary woo hoo! I can't believe it's been that long. Over the years we have certainly done a lot together. My sister was saying when you step back and think about how many times you've moved house, had kids, holidays, different jobs, cars etc then you realise why you're so tired! :) One thing that we both have enjoyed doing and has had a big impact on our marriage was going away with friends to marriage enrichment courses. The lead up to the weekends were always a bit daunting, not knowing what was going to come up when you actually make time to talk, but we would always come away from the weekends with something new, a better understanding of one another, new skills to use for conflict resolution and a deeper love for one another. (yes getting mushy I'm afraid) One of the exercises we did one time was to think about our life in terms of paddocks and when we marry two paddocks settle side by side with a gate in between. There is the temptation to just barge into your mate's paddock uninvited sometimes (by bringing up a difficult issue without warning or putting your own needs first etc.) so you may need to set boundaries about how communication happens and respecting each individuals own space (this probably isn't making much sense here but it did to me at the time). Anyway through doing that exercise I realised that actually I felt like I had been able to explore a bit more of my own paddock since I had married and had the confidence of being loved and a companion to share life with... my imagery was more of holding hands and walking through the field together finding and trying new things. Perhaps a field or garden would be a nicer image than paddock, whatever works for you. I'd highly recommend doing marriage enrichment courses. As a society we focus on investing in our home, car, super, shares (or not!) etc. but how often do we think about investing in our relationships and how much more valuable are they? So to use the Secret Garden on our wedding photo is quite appropriate, as my husband loves gardening too. I took inspiration for the layout from the cover of the kit where there are several examples of layouts, cards and gift ideas. Paper: Simply Scrappin' Secret Garden Ink: Black Journaler Accessories: On Board Accents


Bec: said...

Beautiful, Kirl :) (love those bridesmaids of yours too!) It was a great day 10 years ago: what a pleasure to be part of it :) Love you guys and the little ones you've created together xoxoxo

Sharon said...

What a beautiful layout!


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