Wednesday, 24 September 2008

a lovely lunch

I'm just back from a lovely, far too rare, lunch with my Mum, Dad and Sister for her wedding anniversary. Her hubby's away so Ma & Pa (aka Mum and Dad) thought they'd make it a nice day for her and take her out for lunch so I invited myself and the boys along! Hopefully we added to, rather than took away from, the occasion. And I finally managed to finish the book for my dad. {thanks Teneale} I filled it with quotes I found on the internet and in the Bible about fatherhood and the little photos from the index print you get when you get you photos printed. He (and Ma) really liked it. I also left space on the pull tags for my brothers and sisters and me to fill with our own personal quotes about Dad. Here's a glimpse.... If I've been more organised I would have got their quotes in advance and put them on... but it didn't happen. Plus it's not exactly something you can just spring on someone on the phone. "Hey can you give me in one sentence what Dad means to you?" I tried .. it didn't go down well.
You may have noticed I've posted a bit less recently. Aside from a long lasting irritating but not serious range of illnesses (thank the Lord winter is over!) I've been quite busy with workshops and classes and now my two year old has decided he's going to toilet train himself (which made for an interesting time at lunch). So sometimes that just HAS to come first.
Anyway I found this really cute photo when I just downloaded.. More often that not it's me taking the photos so when there's a photo I don't recognise it's a nice surprise - and this one sure was - how cute are they? I can't believe they are getting so grown up! For those of you who have met these two see they do both smile - quite a lot actually - just not often in public :)
Better go as one of them is most definitely not smiling right now! Off to the rescue...


Teneale Williams said...


Looks great.

Your boys are SO CUTE

Bec: said...

Hey Kirl, love the book and the photo of the boys :) Can't wait til November to see you all!! My blog has a countdown clock on it now!

Hey, any pix of Tars' book?



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