Monday, 1 September 2008

did you know...

that Stampin' Up! ribbon is great value and can be used on all kinds of things? While sorting through my (many) bags of material, which I seem to gather like scrap booking paper, I found this gorgeous strip of sheer pomegranate patterned material (sorry I'm no good at knowing names of materials just what I like). I decided to use it on cushion covers as I needed to replace my cushions that had worn out. Thankfully I knew Mum was coming down and so got the sewing machine out, popped into Spotlight and got the matching stretch velvet and realised I had a bit of black grosgrain to use up so Mum stitched it on the edges. Thanks Mum! We only had enough ribbon for one cushion so I thought I'll head back into Spotlight to get some more, but in working out the price I left it there came home and ordered a roll from Stampin' Up! as it was going to work out heaps cheaper and matched what I'd already used perfectly. What have you used ribbon on lately?

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Marelle Taylor said...

oooh pretty! Does your Mum take orders??? LOL


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