Thursday, 28 August 2008

who wouldn't want one of these?

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I asked my four year old if he liked this and he said , "nah" with a shake of his head! Fair enough I suppose! I mean I was quite taken aback as usually he tells me everything I make is pretty and that I'm a good girl for making it, but to his credit he could pin point what it was that he didn't like about this creation. On further questioning I discovered " I don't like the white bit with the black on it" Right, so nothing wrong with the colour combo, the ribbon or the way it was tied, my use of embellishments or the design..phew! then I had to laugh as I thought to myself well I think the white with black bit will be the bit most appreciated by the recipient !!! as it means they get to look through the catalogue and spend without cost! So if you're after a gift for someone you know who would appreciate "the white bit with black on it" then email me or if you're thinking "I'd love to get one of those" just send a link to this page to your hubby, mother, sister, friend and say isn't that pretty!!! I'm pretty sure they'll get the hint especially when they read that last sentence. If you're one of those poeple, hi! just click here to email me :)

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