Wednesday, 2 July 2008


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I've had lots of people recently tell me how much they love the catalogue because it's not just a catalogue, it's an idea book, hence the name Idea Book and Catalogue (IB&C).
(now I have 'The Castle' running through my head "he's an ideas man")

I absolutely love the hostess set In the Spotlight and I recently got it YAY!
I've copied (almost exactly) one of the example cards from that page (p22). It's a great way of being creative without being creative and it was so quick to make a card that you don't really have to think about. If you know you like it in the catalogue then you don't have to fiddle about with where to put things or what colour scheme or stamp set to use - all the decisions are made for you - how nice for a change!

Oh, I just noticed the hodgepodge isn't centred- bummer - oh well - I focussed on the ribbon and how to attach the hodgepodge and feature so much I didn't even notice I was sticking it off centre! I'll just go and fix that now but I'm afraid this photo will have to do - resisting perfectionistic inclinations....
For the details check out your catalogue on page 155 under 22A

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Kathy said...

Hey there! I strangely *just* found your blog. I don't know how it remained a secret to me for so long!!! I love your cards. THey are so fabulous, and you have such a nice, clean, simple style. I'm subscribing! :)


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