Wednesday, 11 June 2008

you've got to love IKEA

so here is my newly "renovated" crafting space - small but mine! and I'm very happy with it. How good are these rails and baskets from IKEA? These rails cost $1.95 and you can get longer ones but I was worried about the weight on our wall. The baskets were from around $4. I was fortunate to have the space to be able to attach them to a wall however if you don't or are renting then check out my up-line's hubby's punch storage solution which she attached to the side of her desk. He may still take orders if you email.
You can see my organiser to the left - see the tutorial for how I made it here.
Something missing? - well a lot actually!!! To the right is a big Billy (those who love IKEA would recognise that name) bookshelf which has my stamps, wheels, DS paper, scrapbook albums and business supplies. It is in bad need of reorganising now this area has changed so I won't be showing that til it's sorted. Plus my cardstock is in a filing cabinet behind the desk. You may notice some hooks on the wall - they were a bad idea I had originally that failed miserably - anyone got any ideas for what to use them for now?
As you can see there is lots of room to grow!


Bec: said...

Very nice, Kirl (although the 'room to grow' comment is scary ;) ).

Hmmm...what to do with those hooks.... :)

Tegan said...

i wish ikea was still down at homebase... :( i loved walking around the store and picking up a bargain every now and then
i really need to get my mum to help me sort out our craft room and find some effective storage techniques for our supplies that continue to overflow!!

Sam Coppack said...

WOW!!! It's like a different room! I've gotta get to Ikea! (I wish it was still at homebase too!) Well done Kirrily! You won't have to scrummage around for things now!


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