Wednesday, 21 May 2008

tutorial - completed!!!!

Hi welcome to my second tutorial
- thankfully it didn't encounter the disaster my first tutorial did - see here to remember!

So this week I've been working on a Scrapbook Organiser from Kasier and thought I'd photograph each step so you can see what the process is. I feel in no way an expert in these things so if you have a different way that you'd like to share please leave a comment or put a link to something you've done.
I'd love to see.

Firstly pull the kit apart, make sure you have every piece. You have to snap some pieces apart. This is easy enough.

I used my trusty Crop-a-dile to take off the excess tags that were holding pieces together. Make sure you don't chop off the tags needed to slot into the holes when you assemble it.

Quickly sand all over to take the rough edges off.

Coat in a sealer. This gives it tooth - something for the paper and glue to hold onto plus generally protects it.
My sealer had a slight gloss to it so it looks shiny.
Then the hardest part - choosing your colour scheme - I chose papers from Berry Bliss and Spring Break.
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Lay the pieces out on the papers chosen and trace around being as accurate as possible - believe me you will be thankful later for the extra time spent being careful here!

Again the crop-a-dile is very useful!

I used the sample picture to help workout what colours go where.

Then I used a glue stick to fully coat the piece, making sure the edges in particular are well covered. I'd hesitate to use a wet glue as it may make the paper wrinkle.

Attach the paper carefully lining up the edges and press firmly all over to ensure a smooth cover.

Glue all the paper on and leave to dry. You don't want the glue to be at all damp when you are sanding.

Now the fun job - sanding!!! Sand using either sanding blocks or for a bigger job like this I use a large nail file or sanding paper. Sanding really gives it that lovely finish where it looks like it always came that way!
So while it can be time consuming it is so worthwhile.
Sand all the edges. I find sanding the same way, down, leaves it with the nicest finish.

The most time consuming and frustrating part - the circles!!! I wish I had taken more time and care when cutting the circle out for this part as I had a small overhang it took quite a bit to get it off.
Firstly I used my scissors fully opened to shave off excess.
Dangerous but effective!
This did an okay job of getting off a large amount but didn't leave the smoothest finish.

So I had to make my own sanding sticks. I wrapped sand paper around the little wooden cuticle sticks that came with the nail files I had.
I have been searching for sanding sticks that I have seen in the past and not been able to find them
- If you know where I can get some please let me know!!!

Then my hubby had fun spray painting the parts I hadn't covered in paper with a white enamel gloss.

I sponged white paint around the edges of every piece which is a good way of hiding any little mistakes (or opportunities for creativity as I prefer to call them) and tying the whole thing together with a common colour.
And finally coated every piece in a varnish to protect the lovely patterned paper. I used Jo Sonja's Satin Varnish.

Then to assembly - in this case a lot of the pieces are reversible so I could rearrange before choosing my preferred option.
Option 1

Option 2

Then glue it all together with a hot glue gun - this can be messy!
I needed an extra pair of hands for this step - thanks hubby again!

FINALLY it is finished!! Fill it with your most useful tools :)


Marelle Taylor said...

oooh the suspense is killing me! ;)
I can't wait to see the finished result. I'm sure it will be worth the wait!

Chantelle said...

Wow, what a great effort. Certainly takes time but I'm sure the end result is well worth it. Can't wait to see how your project turned out. Will be checking back again soon.

Maren said...

Can't wait to see it!!!


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