Thursday, 22 May 2008

good enough to eat?

My eldest turns four today and he requested a Buzz Lightyear cake.
Thankfully I wasn't called to work today so I had time to put this together.
I find the fondant icing quite tricky to work with - really should do a class or two - but it's fun! He's looks like he's a relative of Gumby with dentures but he will have to do.


Sharon said...

Hi Kirrily, Buzz looks great! I had to creat Winnie the Pooh for my daughter's third birthday so I know what you went through.

Thomas Houseman said...

Yum! Good work... I'd have trouble baking the cake, let alone decorating it.

Bec: said...

Looks incredible, Kirl: and I'm sure it was yummy :)

Happy Birthday to Tobes :)

Maren said...

So impressive!!

Sue Dean said...

Wow you are so clever!

Erin said...

WAY clever


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