Monday, 7 April 2008

We won tickets to the Easter Show the other day through my crazy fantasy main arena act entry and had a fantastic day! It's always better when it's free!
Among many things we saw the Pied Piper Duck Show.
After 5 ducks raced around the track 3 ducks paraded in a fashion show.
Here they are.....
this may be Oriental Duck (or as someone suggested Peking Duck!!) love her strut
this one looks like a Laura Ashley Duck to me
and finally Wedding Duck,
sorry could only get a rear shot but it does show off her bow beautifully.
And talking of rears... we saw the cows, which brings new meaning to the song "I like big buts...."
and couldn't believe how many chicks there were!!- this is just one section - no I'm not holding a guessing competition!
patted the cats, our favourite!
cheered at the woodchopping
then went home to enjoy our stash of showbags!!!!!
It was a great day, now better get back to making cards to show!

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