Thursday, 27 March 2008

it's a happy birthday kind of day

A lot of great people were born on this day! and I was too! Happy Birthday goes out to my friend Cara and my little friend Carina who both share their birthdays with me! Carina and her sister, Lucy, had a Little Miss and Mr Men party for their birthdays a couple of weeks ago. I have finally finished this extra little gift for them in their favourite colours. My first attempt at making Kaiser Craft handbags. It was fun, but gluing them together was a challenge!


Anonymous said...

Oh these are so Cute! They will love them - I'm sure they will put their favourite LM and MM books in them. I liked the cards you made in this style too. (It was hard to keep up with the gifts on the day). You matched the theme beautifully.
Carina says Happy Birthday to Kirrily and Cara.

Thomas Houseman said...

Can't wait till my birthday!

Bec said...

Lots of my favourite people, all born on the same date!! :) xo


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