Monday, 17 March 2008

what happened?

So you're in the middle of creating something, the almost two year old is in his high chair happily eating and watching telly when the phone rings. Why would you think twice about leaving the paint on the table and going into the study to email something to a friend? All is peaceful and calm.
Here's why....

yes, when I returned this is what I found.
After regaining my breath I managed to grab the camera quickly and then thought "where do I start". By that time one arm was completely covered in yellow paint so I knew to start with the mess maker.
And yes that is my pad of Stampin' Up grid paper under the yellow paint. It now has a nice yellow tinge all around the edge of every page - unique I guess!
And you can just see the number 2 from yesterday's post under his knee which is how it went from red to a mottled orange-red colour.
On a positive note I have to be impressed with how relatively neatly he painted and how well he had covered the pad - at least he's learning something from his crafty mum!

What I was endeavouring to do was to show that instead of ink you could also paint chipboard.


Thomas Houseman said...

wOOT - way to go!!!

I'm going to congratulate him when I see him next!

Hehehehe Muahahaha!

Bec said...

bad, Uncle Thomas, bad, Uncle Thomas! ;)

Erin said...

should we get him a scrapbook started kit for his birthday???


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